August 11, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Friday Five
This weeks Sunday Stealing is from Friday Five.

1. Have you ever had a great conversation with a complete stranger? Nothing comes to mind but I am sure it has happened.

2. Where did you go on the very first vacation of your life? We went to visit family that lived out of state.

3. Open the door of your refrigerator. What is the first thing you see? Two bottles of Cherry Sprite.

4. What is your favorite place in your home. My computer room.

5. If you had wings to fly about the universe, where is the first place you’d land? Ireland

6. What is the first thing you do when you get in your car? Start it so I can turn down the stereo.

7. What is special about the town you live in? Nothing much, other than the fact that I live here! 

8. What is the last thing you heard about your first love? I have not heard anything about him in over 30+ years.

9. If you had created the world in seven days yourself, what would you have created on the First Day? A planet full of puppies.

10. How do you beat the summer heat? I stay inside for the most part.

11. Did you enjoy your Senior Year in high school? No, not really.

12. Who is your favorite First Lady of all time? Nancy Reagan

13. Post a link to your first blog post. My very first post on this blog was just meme logos. My first real post was a poem, at

14. When was the last time you needed First Aid? Last night when I picked a scab and made my foot bleed.

15. Can you explain what a first down is in football? Each teams possession of the football begins with a first down. The team has 10 yards to make it downfield until the next down.  Basically a down is a play.  So the first down is the first play when the team has possession of the ball.  

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