July 2, 2019

July is Bereaved Parents Awareness Month

July is Bereaved Parents Awareness Month.
Reach out to the grieving parents in your life and let them know you are there for them
Let them know you realize they are struggling every day just to survive. 
Show them...tell them....let them know their child is not forgotten.
I will always love and remember my son, until the day I day.
I think about him every day and dream about him at night. 
I missed Colt yesterday. 
I miss Colt today, and I will miss Colt tomorrow. 
At various times during the day missing him hits me like a ton of bricks 
and life becomes very overwhelming. I am really not sure how I have made 
it this far since his death. I have been waking around in a fog, in “robot” mode
 since he died. My life is BCD (before Colt died) and ACD (after Colt died). 
This pain will never go away...and I don't want it to. 
Why? Because I want Colt to always be remembered.

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