June 30, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Unusual Music

This weeks Sunday Stealing is from Unusual Music.

1. A song that gives you goosebumps: Several songs give me goosebumps. Some in sad way, some in a good way.

2. A song you hated once but now love: None that I can think of.

3. Do you remember your first CD? No.

4. Has your music taste changed much since childhood? No.

5. Favorite genre? I have several favorite genres.  If forced to choose one, I would choose rock.

6. What’s a genre or style of music that you just don’t understand? None that I can think of.

7. Do you have a process for listening to music, such as listening to the instruments more than words? I do not have a process for listening to music.

8. What’s your favorite thing about your favorite song? The beat, the way I feel as I listen to it.

9. Do you have a favorite decade for music? 1980's

10. Can you play any instruments? I use to play an organ but I no longer remember how. 

11. Do you remember your first favorite song? I have so many favorite but cannot remember my first favorite song.

12. What was the first concert you ever attended?  Something country related, I don't remember who it was. I was rather young. It was a concert my parents took my brother and I too.

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