June 23, 2019

Sunday Stealing: Happy Questions


1. Are you a happy person? I try to be, but more often than not I just put on my "public face" so that world thinks I am ok and happy.

2. What is happiness for you? Happiness is being loved unconditionally and being surrounded by positiveness peace and love.  Happiness is knowing my loved ones are safe, fed, clothed and housed.

3. What do you think is the color of happiness? A wide array of colors, similar to a rainbow and more.

4. Can money buy happiness? Money can buy things that make you happy but for the most part, that happiness is short lived.

5. Is happiness a state of mind? It can be.

6. What are three things that make you happy? My dog, knowing my daughter is ok and knowing my brother is ok.

7. Does having a pet make you happy? Very much so!

8. When was the happiest time of your childhood? Sitting on my grandparents front porch, listening to Grandpa's stories.

9. Can you be happy if you are rich? Some people can be.

10. Do you think happiness lies within you or does it depend on other people and external things? Happiness has to start within.

11. Are single people happy? Some single people can be quite happy.

12, What is the effect that animals/pets have on people to make them feel happy? Pets love  unconditionally and do not judge.

13. Can you be happy if you are poor? I was happier when I was poor, so yes.

14. What is there to be happy about in today’s world? I ask myself this question often.

15. How happy are you compared with your friends. I am a little below average on the happy meter.

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  1. I enjoyed your answers today. I always say that nobody is ever as glad to see me as my dog. Every.single.time.


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