February 1, 2019

Just A Dream Away

I have seen this poem passed around all over social media with different names attributed to it. 
 I am not really sure who wrote it, but I do know that it hits me hard.  
I miss my son more than words can really describe.  
I love him forever and always.
Just A Dream Away

I would give my life to have you back,
Said the Mom
I know you would, said her child.

I cry each night for you, said the Mom
And I catch all of your tears said her child

I pray for the day
That I can see you again,
Said the Mom
Just close your eyes and you can see me,
Said her child
I am always just a dream away.............

You are the first person who loved me,
And you are the first person I loved.

You were always there
when I needed you,
And you always knew
when I needed a hug.

I am here for you now, mom
In your heart and in your soul.

I did not take your heart with me
Instead I left mine with you to hold.

One day I will take your hand
And lead you to paradise,
But until then my beautiful mother,
When you want to see me
You only need to close your eyes.

I am always just a dream away....

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