August 19, 2018

Sunday Stealing: ID Questions

1: 3 Fears: Death, being along and the dark.

2: 3 things I love: My dog, daughter and husband.

3: 4 turns on: Kindness, faithfulness, honesty and leather

4: 4 turns off: Rudeness, stupidity, liars and thieves

5: My best friend: Nancy Joe

6: My favorite book: Gone With The Wind

7: My best first date: Many years ago

8: How tall am I: I have always been told I am too tall for a woman. But I am happy with my height.

9: What do I miss: My son.

10: What time were I born:  I don't remember.

11: Favorite color: Blue

12: Do I have a crush: No

13: Favorite quote: We are all broken, that's how the light gets in. ~Ernest Hemingway

14: Favorite place: My bed

15: Favorite food: Chocolate

16: Do I use sarcasm: Sometimes

17: What am I listening to right now: Video games 

18: First thing I notice in new person: Eyes

19: Eye color: Hazel

20: Hair color: Use to be dark brown but is getting more and more gray.

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