May 20, 2018

Sunday Stealing: Care Bears
What never fails to cheer you up? My dog

Which friend do you have the most in common with? Nancy, Johnny, Rose

One thing that never fails to anger you? People that abuse animals or children

Favorite way to spend a sunny day? Relaxing in the shade with a good book and a nice glass of iced tea.

Create a fortune cookie note based on your week. Much thinking will guide you to be a better leader.

Favorite way to exercise? Walking

Favorite thing about your best friend? She does not judge me.

What kind of things do you like to create? Graphics, signature tags, things with Paint Shop Pro.

What languages would you like to learn? Spanish and German

A topic you’re really knowledgeable about? Grief

When do you feel you look your best? When I am sleeping.

What types of music do you like to listen to? A wide variety - 80's, hard rock, dub step, pop, dance, country, alternative, grunge and more

Something that leaves you completely in awe? Some people's stupidity.

What is your most childish aspect? I am still scared of the dark and I collect stuffed animals.

A time where you had to be really brave? When my son told me he had cancer.

How do you like to keep warm? Snuggled up in a nice warm blanket.

What brings out your soft side? When I see a post from my daughter, and when I see cute animals,. 

What is your favorite way to treat yourself? Buy lots of chocolate and eat it all.  Or buy a new collectible item.

Something you’re proud of about yourself? I have a good job that I would not have gotten if I had not gone to college.

Something you don’t care about? I do not care about drama. Don't bring your drama my way...ever.


  1. I agree soooo much on that last one. Drama queens need not apply. Or visit. Or call.

  2. Yeah. i should have added "grief" too. Sadly, I know a lot about it. {{hugs}}


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