April 29, 2018

Sunday Stealing: Disney Stuff

1. Favorite scene in a Disney Princess movie? Bartok in Anastasia
2. Favorite scene in a non Princess movie? Simba, Timon and Pumbaa singing Hakuna Matata
3. Last Disney movie you watched? Star Wars: The Last Jedi

4. How many times have you visited the parks? None, yet.

5. Favorite animal themed movie? The Lion King

6. Favorite Disney movie from the 1950’s? Old Yeller

7. Favorite Disney movie from the 1960’s? The Parent Trap

8. Favorite Disney movie from the 1970’s? The Shaggy D.A.

9. Favorite Disney movie from the 1980’s? Oliver And Company
10. Favorite Disney movie from the 1990’s?  The Lion King

11. Favorite Disney movie from the 2000’s? Finding Nemo

13. Favorite Disney movie from the 2010’s? Wreck It Ralph

14. If you could trade lives with one character which one and why? None that I can think of.

15. First Disney orientated memory? Watching The Mickey Mouse Club in the 1970's.

16. Favorite villain? Captain Hook

17. Favorite live action Disney movie? 101 Dalmatians

18. Favorite soundtrack? The Lion King

19. What are your top three favorite Disney songs? Hakuna Matata, Circle of Life and When You Wish Upon A Star

20. Mickey or Minnie? Mickey

21. Which movie do you find the most nostalgic? Old Yeller

22. Are there any Disney movies that you haven’t seen? A Wrinkle In Time

23. Is there a scene or movie that makes you cry? I cry/cried when Simba's dad died, when Bambi's mother died and when Old Yeller died.

24. Is there a song that makes you cry? I am sure there are several that make me cry, I just cannot think of any right now.

25. Which character do you relate to the most? Eeyore

26. Do you own any clothing that’s Disney themed? None

27. Favorite sidekick? Olaf from Frozen

28. Favorite Princess and why? Princess Belle, not sure why. She has always just stood out the most to me.

29. Funniest Disney scene?  The hyenas talking about Mufasa in The Lion King
30. Favorite Disney movie and why? The Lion King; I watched it with my children.  The memory of how happy (end when we cried during the movie) we were that day makes me smile.


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