January 12, 2018

Thoughts of Warmth

I am thinking of things to warm me up on this cold winter evening. One thing I enjoy putting on an over-sized sweat shirt to snuggle up in for warmth.  I also like sleeping with the fan on...while sleeping with several blankets on top of me.  So warm and cozy!

I also enjoy snuggling Shelby.  She is such a good dog.  I love her too the moon and back!
One of my favorite hot foods to eat is a nice big bowl of homemade Chicken & Dumplings. My mom use to make the best chicken & dumplings ever.  Every year on my birthday she would make them.  Yum!

My favorite hot beverage lately has been coffee.  I cannot drink too much though because it gives me the jitters! Plus, I cannot drink coffee too late in the day, because I won't be able to sleep.  Since I already have trouble sleeping I don't need to make things worse by having coffee. So, I will drink hot chocolate now and then to warm up.

I feel a little warmer now.  But I think I will head to bed, snuggle with my Shelby under multiple blankets and warm up even more!

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