December 10, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Bah Humbug!
TV show I loathe: Will And Grace

Movie I loathe: The old Planet of the Ape movies

Music genres I loathe: Opera and some classical music

Magazine which annoys me: People

Makes me cranky at restaurant: Rude wait staff

Makes me cranky in public: Crowds, crazy drives, rude people

Makes me impatient at home: When things break

Makes me impatient at work: Rude customers

Celebrity I hate: Angelina Jolie

Music artist I hate: None that I can think of.

I could care less about: a lot of things.

Blogger's habit that annoys you: Leaving rude or misinformed comments.

Feature on your blog you hate: I removed the features I hated.

Politician that you hate: No one in particular.  I just don't like politics in general.


  1. Oh, it sure is annoying when things break at home...seems they go in cycles and if one thing breaks a few more are bound to follow.

  2. I grew up watching those old Planet of the Apes movies; they came on the late late movie and I'd sneak out of bed to watch them. Now I think they're pretty bad.

  3. I love your Sunday Stealing logo. I watched the first Planet of the Apes movie, but think they went downhill quickly and never watched the others.

  4. When I was in college, we would watch the Planet of the Apes movies with a drinking game. I can't remember any of the prompts for drinking but I remember one of my friends laughed and wet herself. :)


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