November 26, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Monday Morning Meme
1. How has your life most benefited from the Internet? Whether it’s meeting people, cutting business overhead, finding rare collectibles, or simply sharing funny cat pictures, share how the web has made life easier.

I have met some truly amazing people and found great friendships thanks to the internet.  Also, I am able to play all kinds of online games which helps to keep my brain from stressing & worrying too much!

2. How do you deal with negative comments on your blog?

For the most part I ignore negative comments, unless they are really terrible then I delete the comments.

3. There’s never enough time, is there? What would you do with an extra three hours today?

I would try to sleep for those three hours.

4. The getaway car is waiting outside – where is it taking you?

It depends on what day it is, what time of day it is and who is paying!

5. Who was your "arch enemy" in high school? Do you have any enemies today?

I do not recall any enemies in high school.  I don't know of any enemies today.

6. You’re giving the keynote address to the graduating seniors of a high school today. What’s your advice to them?

Do what makes you happy after you go to college!

7. Thinking of words of wisdom: What's the worst advice you've ever received?

"You should date him!  He is such a great guy."   I have a scar on my chin from when he punched me....proving he was not a great guy!

8. Tell us about the best summer vacation you EVER had.

I remember many. many years ago, Mom & Dad took us to Daytona Beach, Florida for two weeks.  Our hotel was right on the beach and I got to sleep on the balcony each night.  I fell asleep listening to the waves crashing on the shore. For me the most memorable thing about this particular trip was, during our time there, we went to a "sit down" theater and watched "The Goonies".  It was certainly one of the best vacations ever.

9. What do you have to have with you when you travel? Why?

Snacks, my cell phone and a bit of cash in case of an emergency.

10. Would you accept $1,000,000 tax free, if it meant you had to leave the country and never come back?

I would not.  I love living in the United States.

11. Do you believe the world will be a better, or worse, place 100 years from now?

Sadly, I think it will be worse.

12. Do you expect to buy a new winter coat this year?

I purchased a new winter coat last month! 

13. If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience, would you do so?

Yes I would.  

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