June 22, 2017

Bird Watching Dog Lover

Yesterday after lunch I found a quiet spot to sit and watch
the birds outside.  I even managed to get a photo of one!
Photo (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley
Meanwhile, Shelby was at home with her Daddy, hanging out on 
the deck in the sunshine!  I don't think she wanted to go back inside.
I love this dog to the moon and back a billion times!
 Photo (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley
Photos (c)2017 Shannon G. Wamsley

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  1. hello shelby its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like a perfekt day to be owtside i do not blaym yoo for not wanting to go in!!! plus if yoo went in yoo mite miss seeing a skwirrel!!! ok bye


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