February 2, 2017

My Child Did Exist...and Still Does!

My child did exist and I am NOT sorry for talking about him. 
Richard Colt Hazlett was and is very loved and will always be remembered!!!


  1. Such a handsome young man. I'm often lost for words when people share things like this with me. I'm always afraid to say the wrong thing, but I blurt it out (and then usually apologize) but I always express sadness for their loss and encourage them to share their child with me. I hope you have a circle of friends that encourage you to talk about him. If not, I hope you continue to talk about him on your blog. Its sad to think it will soon be a year since he departed. I'm sure your grief has never subsided and hasn't gotten "better" and you continue to struggle with the fact he is no longer there. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.


  2. Always talk to him. It is a great comfort. I still do that, which was good advice from a kind lady.
    Whenever I miss my daughter, you and Colt spring to mind immediately.
    May you find the Peace you need to get through this. I'm so sorry others are not supportive of your need to talk about your great loss. You seem to be lacking people around you who listen and are kind.
    Take care..hugs


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!