January 5, 2017

Thursday 13: Winter Items For Your Car

Thirteen items to keep in your car during the winter. This is just a small list, as I am sure there are other things you may need.

01. Blankets
02. First Aid Kit
03. Windshield Scraper
04. Booster Cables
05. Road Maps
06. Mobile Phone w/charger
07. Tool Kit
08. Tow Rope
09. Flashlight with extra batteries
10. Bottled Water
11. Spare Tire
12. Battery Powered Radio
13. Flares


  1. Good list. The only thing I'd add is a little food, like maybe a couple of power bars. You never know!

  2. Great list you've made. Thank you.
    I second CountryDew's suggestion about food. Ever since a lady kept herself alive with a small amount of candy after her car flew off the highway in the middle of nowhere, and she was invisible to all and sundry passing by above her, I take a little food. Cliff bars, usually.


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