November 4, 2016

Today is Blog4Peace 2016!

My Peace Globe for Blog4Peace 2016 is dedicated in loving memory of my son, Colt.
Colt was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on February 8, 2016.
The cancer took him away from me on March 10, 2016.

The photo below was the last photo Colt took of himself the day before he passed away.
 I will cherish this photo, and all the photos I have of him forever. 
 I miss Colt and love him so very much.
My heart and soul will never be the same with him gone.

I am trying to find peace....


  1. You both have an amazing smile, sending a hug.

  2. Your peace post is a touching reminder that different things keep peace at bay. Your honesty in admitting you are trying to find peace is understandable. From ear buds in the first photo of your son to the nasal cannula in the second is a stark reminder of our frailty. I know your journey and will keep tou in my heart. Your loss is so very new and I'm sorry for that. Wishing you peace.

  3. Colt looks like an amazing young man - there is such peace and love in his eyes, even as he was fighting so hard to live. I am so sorry for your loss - so sudden, it must have been devastating for you. May you feel his love near you, always.

  4. You have had a great loss. May that be offset with the host of memories of the young man who visited your life and may you find peace.

  5. Such a great loss! And such a lovely peace post. We pray you find peace.

  6. He radiates love and peace from within. Such a tragic loss for you.
    Be gentle with yourself and take your time to grieve. It's your journey and yours alone.

    Peace to you and Colt,

  7. Heartbreaking post :( Hope you can find Peace. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you <3

  8. I know one thing... looking at that beautiful young man with his wise too-old eyes... he wouldn't want his mom sad and without peace for the rest of her life.

    (((hug))) and lots of love and Peace wishes always


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