June 12, 2016

Sunday Stealing: My Friends Call Me Tulip

Can you stay inside all day without getting bored? Yes and I do this often.

Tell us about a TV show that we should watch. Game of Thrones is good....but read the books first because the books are even better.

When was the last time you were at your home computer all day? Yesterday

What websites other than your own do you visit daily? Facebook, Pogo, several blogs, Yahoo, Google, CNN, and a few newspapers.

Do you have a favorite day of the week? Why? Friday is my favorite day of the week because it is the last day of the work week...and I know I have two days off after Friday.

Did you ever watch Saturday morning cartoons? What was your favorite? The Smurfs 

Were you a comic book fan? I am still a fan of Batman, Ironman and Groot.

Did you earn an allowance when you were a kid? How much? Was it tied to chores? I had an allowance as a kid but I had to do chores (clean my room, dishes, feed the animals).

What is the fanciest type of car you've ridden in? What occasion? I went on a date many years ago where the guy picked me up in a 1964 1/2 Mustang (my dream car and to me a fancy car).

Whats your favorite sport to watch? Football

Ever tried surfing? Yes, and I was not very good at it.

Have you ever been to a live major team sporting game? I have been to many St. Louis Cardinals baseball games and a few Kansas City Royals games.

From a scale of 1 to 5 how athletic are you (1=nerd, 5=very athletic)? I am a 2.

What's your favorite horror movie? I have many...Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, The Shining, and a few others.

What is your favorite cult classic movie? Beetlejuice.  I also like The Lost Boys.

About how many times do you go to the movies a month? I go to the movies once or twice each year.  I would rather watch movies at home because crowds get on my nerves.

Favorite movie, which one came to your head first? Gone With The Wind

What if your life was like a movie? What type of movie would it be? A tragic comedy.

Do you like long series movies, like "Lord of the Rings"? Of course (the books are better though).


  1. Since I am a theater critic, my "weekend" is Monday and Tuesday, because 9 weekends out of 10 I have two or three shows to see on Friday-Sunday.

  2. I have heard of Gone with the Wind. I guess I have found a good list to watch! :)


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