March 20, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Currently

This weeks Sunday Stealing was stolen from the Sunday Stealing archives.
Currently, I am...

Reading: The latest Reader's Digest.

Writing: In my blogs

Playing: Games on Pogo

Watching: The snow fall outside

Trying: To get through the day, one minute at a time.

Cooking: Nothing at the moment.

Drinking: Water

Calling: Family members

Pinning: Nothing

Tweeting: Nothing

Crafting: Nothing

Doing: Typing

Going: To town soon for groceries

Loving: My family, dog and friends

Hating: Death

Re-Discovering: Pain and heartache of losing a loved one.

Enjoying: Being home

Thinking: About my son

Feeling: Sad

Missing: My son

Hoping: For a cure for cancer

Listening: To the TV

Celebrating: Nothing

Smelling: The fresh, clean air outside

Thanking: My family and friends

Considering: When to have my son's memorial service

Starting: To live life without my son.

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