March 10, 2016

Rest in Peace My Son

Today (March 10, 2016) at 2:40AM, my handsome son, Colt lost his battle with leukemia. 
Thank you to everyone for the kind words and prayers.
Our family is grieving and cannot imagine life without Colt.  


  1. I think I started following your blog a couple A/Z challenges in the past. You still show up on my feeder though I haven't commented in a very long time. I saw your son's battle with leukemia. I am sorry he lost it. My condolences to you and your family. You are now living every parent's nightmare in burying a child. Again, I am so sorry.


  2. hello shannon its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is mutch too yung for a hyooman puppy to kross the bridj!!! cancer we hayts it in all its forms!!! me and saya keep sending yoo all lots of tail wags!!! ok bye