February 24, 2016

Cancer Update Day 16 and 17

Update from Colt:

"Just had my bone marrow biopsy (February 24, 2016) and spoke with the doctor about when they get the results it will tell us if I am a good risk, moderate, or high risk for remission. Even if I am low risk then I will get another 7 days of chemo after my body recovers. Moderate or high risk I will require a bone marrow transplant that will kill off my bone marrow and build up new healthy bone marrow.. so at the minimum I will be here for another round of chemo and two weeks of recovery from that round will put me here a minimum of 4 more weeks because I still have another week of recovery from this round.

Getting some blood because my white blood cells are at 0.1 today, literally as low as they can be."

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