October 11, 2015

Sunday Stealing: That Alphabet Thing

A: Accent -- I was born and raised in south east Missouri so I have a bit of a southern accent.

B: Breakfast -- I usually just have an apple for breakfast. some days I have toast with my apple.

C: Chore you hate -- House cleaning...yes, all of it.  Mostly I hate washing dishes and folding laundry.

D: Dad's name -- Bill

E: Essential everyday item -- A hairbrush and deodorant.

F: Flavor ice cream -- Black Walnut and Cherry Bordeaux

G: Gold or silver -- Silver

H: Hometown -- Annapolis, Missouri

I: Insomnia -- I have suffered from insomnia for nearly my entire life.  

J: Job title -- Contract Specialist

K: Kids -- One daughter and one son.  Both are adults now.

M: Mother's birthplace -- Annapolis, Missouri.

N: Number of significant others -- Just the one I am married to.

O: Overnight hospital stays -- At least five

P: Phobia -- My biggest fear is death.

Q: Quick at -- Donating money to animal rescues.

R: Religious affiliation -- Baptist

S: Siblings -- One brother.

T: Time you wake up -- 5:00AM

U: Unnatural hair colors -- I do not have any unnatural hair.  I have never dyed my hair and probably never will.

V: Vegetable you refuse to eat -- Cooked spinach and asparagus.

W: Worst habit -- Picking at my psoriasis.

X: X-rays -- The last time I had x-rays was in 2009 before I had all my teeth pulled.

Y: Yummy -- Chocolate.

Z: Zodiac sign -- libra


  1. I live in South west MO but I am a transplant from CA.. Mr BC is the Missourian.

  2. Lifelong insomnia is rough. You must be tired all the time. - CountryDew @ BlueCountryMagic (having trouble with my google account)

  3. I frequently have insomnia, too. It's awful.

  4. I would probably pick at psoriasis too. I have heard that it is pretty itchy.

  5. I have lost so many people I love that I no longer fear death. I fear DYING, but I don't fear death.

  6. Insomnia runs through this amazing little group. I hope you get some decent sleep soon!


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