November 1, 2015

30 Days of Love - Day 28: Blogging for Peace

Day 28 is dedicated to Reasons to Blog For Peace

  1. To stop the hatred
  2. To be free from pain
  3. To help us develop patience
  4. To help us develop tolerance
  5. To help us feel stable
  6. Because every life is precious
  7. To make life look brighter
  8. To help prevent hunger
  9. To eliminate hate crimes
  10. To help eliminate poverty
  11. To promote better health
  12. To share the love
  13. To rid the world of demons
  14. To show the world there is nothing wrong with getting along
  15. To end the suffering of millions of people
  16. To end child abuse
  17. To end animal abuse
  18. To promote understanding
  19. To fill the world with love
  20. To fill the world with happiness
  21. To prevent abuse of the elderly
  22. To work together to find a cure for cancer 
  23. To celebrate life
  24. To enjoy love
  25. To be able to stroll down the beach hand in hand.
  26. To beat the devils at their own games.
  27. To prevent the annihilation of the human race
  28. To preserve our planet
  29. To save our values
  30. To uphold our morals
  31. To raise the bar on our standards
  32. To fill the world with harmony
  33. To prevent senseless deaths
  34. To prevent senseless destruction
  35. To be heard as one very loud voice
  36. To stand side by side, together, rather than so many separate entities

The list goes on and on and can be different for each person.  I blog for peace because I see no reason not to. I think peace is something every one in this world wishes and dreams for.

Why do you blog for peace?

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