September 28, 2015

60 Ways 2 Peace

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01: Volunteer at the local animal shelter.
02: Show love and kindness to all creatures, great and small.
03: Make peace a goal. Strive to meet that goal each day, in some special way.
04: Provide food and shelter to those in need.
05: Always tell the truth.
06: Spend time in nature.
07: All remember the wrong, but focus out how to prevent those wrongs from happening again.
08: Volunteer at the local homeless shelter.
09: Smile at least one per day.
10: Never lose hope.
11: Peace can only penetrate a heart that is truly open to it.
12: Talk to someone you trust.
13: Try to be open minded when listening to others.
14: Volunteer at the local hospital
15: Say what you mean and mean what you say.
16: Finding peace within will allow you to see obstacles with reason.
17: Genuinely care about others.
18: Spread peace across the globe.
19: Do not try to control others.
20: Learn a new language.
21: Practice tolerance.
22: Never use violence against humans or animals.
23: Act with compassion.
24: Surround yourself with peace as much as possible.
25: Stop and think when in a stressful situation. Learn to respond in a peaceful way.
26: Seek forgiveness, not revenge.
27: Do not speak to others in a condescending tone.
28: Never go to bed angry.
29: Do what you love and love what you do.
30: Be the change you wish to see in the world.
31: Focus on the positive.
32: Believe in peace.
33: Be responsible and accept your responsibilities.
34: Practice daily or weekly introspection.
35: Become informed and stay current.
36: Know that we all have a right to peace.
37: Teach children how to be peaceful, and encourage them to build a peaceful world.
38: Help to build a world that does not live in fear.
39: Turn mistakes into a peaceful learning experience.
40: Be at peace with yourself and with others.
41: Broaden your understanding of peace.
42: Be thankful and express gratitude.
43: Learn patience and practice forgiveness.
44: Be an inspiration.
45: Obtain inner peace.
46: Live your dreams.
47: Stop comparing yourself to others.
48: Spread peace like drops of water falling from the sky.
49: Help someone that cannot do something on their own.
50: Take the time to actually listen when someone is speaking.
51: Teach children to be kind to others and to animals.
52: Learn peaceful non-violent ways to solve issues.
53: Always let your inner child out to play.
54: Begin each day with a smile.
55: Say hi to at least five people every day.
56: Live in peace with yourself and with others.Day 57: Have confidence in what you do.
58: If you make a mistake, own up to it and learn from it.
59: Make peace a daily part of your life, in big or small ways.
60: Help spread the message….Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace)

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