July 26, 2015

Sunday Stealing: I’ll Spread My Wings and I’ll Learn How to Fly Meme

This week's Sunday Stealing was stolen from Gabs survey.

1. Have you ever had a pen pal? Many, many years ago I had several pen pals.  It was fun exchanging letters and anxiously awaiting the next one.

2. What’s your favorite breed of dog? Boxer, Black Lab, Chow Chow, Beagle, and just about any dog! :)

3. Can money buy happiness? Yes...by going to the local animal shelter and adopting a new pet :)

4. Do you listen to music when you’re down? I listen to a wide variety of "sad" music...ranging from country to rock ballads.

5.What is one thing you spend way too much money on? Food, video games and other things I don't really need.

6.Can you honestly say you’re okay right now? Right now, at this moment in time I can say that I am ok.

7.What was the last thing you spent money on? A new bra, bacon jerky, water, and peanut m&m's.

8.Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color? My hair color is my natural hair color.  I have never dyed my hair and probably never will.

9.Who have you texted in the last 24 hours? My husband.

10.Were you in a good mood last night? Not really.

11.Do you have a reason to smile right now? Yes.

12. How often do you hold back what you want to say? About half the time or less.

13. Do you think that in the end, everything will fall into place? That is what has kept me going to nearly 44 years.  I am still waiting....

14.Are you currently looking forward to anything? No.

15.Do you have any TV shows on DVD? Family Guy, Firefly. Attack on Titan, and probably more but I cannot remember which ones.


  1. I have a boxer/lab/pit mix and as he ages he gets more boxer looking in the face

  2. I like sad music. My husband will not let me play "Starry Night (Vincent's Song)" by Don McLean on my guitar when I am sad because it always makes me cry.


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