April 18, 2015

Shelby Strikes A Few Poses

Shelby does not like her photo taken but that does not stop me from taking photos of her!
Earlier this week I pulled out my camera as she was sitting near me and I asked Shelby if I
could take her photo.  As you can see in the first photo, Shelby turned her head away.
 photo 470FCFE3-F346-483E-8886-CC15E7AAF02E_zpsupdld0jf.jpg
So, I started talking to her to get her attention (and I may have
said the word "bacon" a few times to get her to look at me.
 photo 1BAD4AA3-DAC1-4EE8-B202-2DBEE7B0DA5F_zpsvibwai9x.jpg
As you can see in this last photo below, Shelby loves the word bacon.
After this little photo session, Shelby received a bacon treat which
made her smack her lips together happily.
 photo F7FE8879-C904-4F97-AC94-20E5E5C6C69D_zpsrhnsn6ml.jpg
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  1. Funny, she must love bacon! Cute shots of your Shelby! Happy Sunday!

  2. hello shelby its dennis the vizsla dog hay nice vogueing!!! i am glad yoo got sum bacon owt of the deel!!! ok bye


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