March 1, 2015

Sunday Stealing: 17 Meme

This week's Sunday Stealing comes from Survey Haven.

Are you a jealous person?  I can be at times.  But then I feel guilty for what I think is me being selfish.

When is the next time you’re traveling out of state? In July of this year.

Can you write your name in a foreign language? No

When you’re getting ready for something, do you listen to music? Sometimes, it depends on what I am getting ready for.

What is your favorite day of the week? Friday.

What is something you did yesterday and wish you could’ve done today? I went grocery shopping yesterday and should have waited until today.

If you woke up tomorrow and knew/spoke a different language, which language would you want it to be? Spanish

What did you last order online? K-Cups from Keurig.

Do you have any specific hobbies? No.

What’s a song you recently discovered that you want to tell everyone about? The Narwhals really gets stuck in your head. (You will be singing this for days!)
Favorite fall or winter accessory? A big, comfy sweatshirt.

What did you last eat? Last night I had Ben & Jerry's Smores Ice Cream as a snack.  I have not eaten today...yet.

Look to your left. What’s there? My dog, Shelby.

How long does it take you to fall asleep? At least 30 minutes or more...sometimes hours.

Is there a TV in the room you are in? Yes and Star Trek 6: Undiscovered Country is on.

What comes to your mind when I say red? Strawberries...fresh and dipped in chocolate.

Name something you think is pointless? Most television commercials are pointless, which is why I like to be in control of the TV remote.  I flip channels every time a commercial comes on.


  1. I really like your choice for a snack!

  2. Oh--that Narwhal song is now stuck in my head!!!

  3. Chocolate Strawberries!!!! yummmmmmy !!!! I just went down to our local chocolate shop and got a TINY bag of chocolate covered potato chips. I can only eat 2 or 3, but they are delish!

  4. Chocolate and strawberries? May be I am jealous!


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