February 25, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Bibbidi Bobbidi

1. Did you watch The Oscars? How many of the Best Picture nominees have you seen? (American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash).Do you think actors should use their acceptance speeches as an opportunity to promote their political and/or social agenda? Does that sort of speech make you more or less inclined to change the channel?

No, I do not watch The Oscars.  I do not need to see celebrities parade around thinking they are better than everyone else.  Actors can say whatever they want in their acceptance speech.  I don't watch the show so I don't have to listen to them anyway.  Besides, freedom of speech allows them to say whatever they want.   I will not tolerate any speech that discusses violence towards animals or children.

I have not seen any of the Best Picture nominees.  I will eventually.

2.Speaking of the movies...are you comfortable going to a movie alone? How about dinner in a restaurant (not fast food, but an actual restaurant)? The second half of this question was posed by Carrie who blogs over at It's Not Easy Being Queen. Thanks Carrie!

I am comfortable going to a movie alone and with going to dinner alone.

3.What's the last home repair or home improvement project you had to pay someone to complete? In hindsight was this a project you could have done yourself?

My husband recently installed a water filter system on the kitchen faucet.  Yes, I could have done it myself but I rather enjoyed watching him do it.

4. Have you ever had Indian food? Like it or no? If you're a fan, what's your favorite dish? Have you ever prepared this yourself at home? Is there an Indian restaurant in your current hometown?

I have never tried authentic Indian food so I am not sure if I like it or not.  I have never prepared Indian food at home and there are no Indian restaurants in my current hometown.

5. A song that reminds you of your parents?

"Funny Face" by Donna Fargo reminds me of my Mom because she use to sing it a lot.  "Chisled in Stone" by Vern Gosdin reminds me of my Dad.

6. The 26th of February is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. What's your favorite, or one of your favorite, fairy tales? Do you have any childhood memories associated with a particular fairy tale?

I don't really have a favorite fairy tale.  I have read many of them in my lifetime but none of them stand out above the others.  I have no childhood memories associated with a particular fairy tale.

7. What's a problem you solved yesterday?

I solved the issue of "what to have for dinner".  I stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home from work and got burgers, french fries and ice cream.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

There are times that I really miss my parents.  They have been gone for over half my life and I feel like a little, lost, orphaned puppy.  I hope I have made them proud.

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