January 7, 2015

Hump Day Survey: Did You Ever?

Did you ever eat a penny? Yes and it scared my mother.

Did you ever fall in love? I thought it was love.

Did you ever cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriend? No! What is the point of cheating?

Did you ever feel like you didn't exist? Yes

Did you ever dance in the rain? Yes, and still do now and then

Did you ever lie to someone, to keep from hurting them? Yes

Did you ever eat spinach? Yes, and I dont like cooked spinach.

Did you ever get in a fight? Yes

Did you ever have a penpal? Yes, many years ago

Did you ever forget your boyfriend/girlfriend's birthday? Yes

Did you ever eat chocolate on your waffles? Yes, YUM!

Did you ever wish you could see a leprechaun? Yes, especially if he has gold!

Did you ever stay up all night, hoping someone would call/text/email you? Yes

Did you ever forget your keys in your house? Yes, and in my car.

Did you ever get in a (fist) fight with a sibling? Yes


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