December 14, 2014

Sunday Stealing: Have You Ever?

This week's Sunday Stealing comes froMy Random Randomness.

1) Have you ever gotten lost in a maze? Yes, and it was quite embarrassing.

2) Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? I have been hissed at by a opossum before.  It had climbed into my trash can and was stuck. I tipped the can over and ran back in the house.  About an hour later, I went back out and it was gone.

3) Have you ever ridden a camel? No, and I think it would be very uncomfortable to do so.

4) Have you ever pet a rat? Yes, I have petted a rat before.  However, I have never had a pet rat.

5) Have you ever been a member of a gym? Yes, and never went.

6) Have you ever been in a helicopter? No, but I would like to.

7) Have you ever cheated at a test? In elementary school I cheated on a math test.  I didn't know the answer to 8 times 8.  After a paddling from the teacher I learned the answer was 64.

8) Have you ever ridden a tractor? I have ridden and driven a tractor.

9) Have you ever passed wind/gas in an embarrassing situation? Oh yes, many times.  As a matter of fact, it happened yesterday at Sam's Club while shopping with my husband.

10) Have you ever played the bongos? I have but not very well.

11) Have you ever handled a snake? Yes, and I was very nervous.

12) Have you ever assembled furniture by yourself? Many times and I followed the directions!

13) Have you ever been scuba diving? No, but it is on my bucket list to do before I die.

14) Have you ever had a disastrous interview? One or two.

15) Have you ever sold your services? No, I have none to offer.

16) Have you ever raised money for charity? Yes I have.  And I donate to several charities.

17) Have you ever won a giant sized cuddly toy from a fair? Not that I can remember.

18) Have you ever milked a cow? I have milked a cow.  I was born and raised in the country you know.

19) Have you ever used the phrase "back in my time" to someone younger than you? I do this often.  

20) Have you ever invented a fairly unique meal or drink? No and I doubt anyone would eat the meal or sip the drink if I did.


  1. I want to go ride take a ride in a helicopter too! Have a great Sunday!

  2. Being born and raised in the country has some interesting advantages.

  3. Good call on the directions for diy furniture!

  4. yikes about the paddling! i probably would have learned real well then, too! must have been a real motivator back then.

  5. If you like Ikea, you might like Ikea Hacks if it's still up.

    Ah yes, a paddling in school was a real threat hanging over the heads of mostly the little boys.


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