December 26, 2014

Christmas for Shelby 2014

Santa Paws brought Shelby all kinds of different treats and toys this year.  
Shelby even has her own Christmas Stocking.
She also received gifts from Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mike,
Aunt Tami and the fur-cousins (Ruby and Lumpy)
 photo EDB9DECE-B994-4C2E-AF1F-AA58AF8DC6D8_zpstlac2axb.jpg
 photo 1FA20EED-8D44-44E3-A3B7-0F7C523D61E5_zpshvlodpei.jpg
 photo E20510F2-AB6A-47E5-BD9A-AA4AA4409448_zpsoqg4bfhx.jpg
 photo 3B3A8BBF-3C99-46CC-A412-49B0C8137EE2_zpsmcx7s00z.jpg
 photo 1DF257FE-A897-42C7-9450-1E4D2FABC77C_zpsc2rkeox3.jpg
 photo 179C4F19-92A9-4671-80DD-0B51CE016DF7_zpsta87lsmu.jpg
 photo 4314226A-8179-47DA-90E5-4F14B111E350_zpsjvxilheu.jpg
 photo CE0E1EDE-AAB8-49B1-863C-A7A4F8B184B2_zpslgfl3d6s.jpg


  1. hello shelby its dennis the vizsla dog hay it luks like yoo had a verry mary krismas!!! and i see that yoo got an appel too!!! yoo ar definitly on the nice list!!! ok bye

  2. Thank you Dennis! Mama says I am the best doggie ever :)


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