October 9, 2014

60 Ways 2 Peace: Day 27 through Day 35

Mimi from Mimi Writes says:
There are thousands of peace bloggers in the world today. They come from six continents and 202 countries and territories. Every post, status update, tweet, and peace globe is different. But the message is the same.
Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace
You don't have to be a rabble-rouser, a tree hugger, a hippie or a street protester to speak strongly for peace in the world. All you need is a quiet determination, a blog, a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, an Instagram, or a website! Any other place on the web you call home.
And one more thing.....a belief in the power of words.
We believe that words are powerful. This matters.
Mimi has challenged the world to post 60 Ways 2 Peace. For the 60 days leading up to Blog4Peace on November 4th, we are to post one way to be peaceful each day. People have been using any social media platform available (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Blogging, Tumblr, etc) with the hopes of a peaceful transformation in 60 days.
I have been posting my daily way to peace on Facebook and here are the ones I have posted for day 27 through day 35.

Day 27: Do not speak to others in a condescending tone.
Day 28: Never go to bed angry.
Day 29: Do what you love and love what you do.
Day 30: Be the change you wish to see in the world.
Day 31: Focus on the positive.
Day 32: Believe in peace.
Day 33: Be responsible and accept your responsibilities.
Day 34: Practice daily or weekly introspection.
Day 35: Become informed and stay current.

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