September 3, 2014

Pretty New Bracelets

Last week I ordered two bracelets from Florence Scovel Jewelry.

As you can see in the photo below, the brown leather one has a watch on it and is called a Leaf Vintage Wrap Watch. I have not worn a watch in years, but this one is so cute I could not pass it up.
 photo bracelets_03September2014_zpsf1352d67.jpg
The blue one is called Blue Angel and is in memory of my mother.  
Mom loved owls, of which there are two on this bracelet.  
Also, there are angel wings on this bracelet and it is blue (which is my favorite color).

If you get a chance, check out Florence Scovel Jewelry's website
and their Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER:  Yes, I paid for the bracelets I ordered.
No, I did not get paid for posting about these bracelets.
I am just sharing something that makes me happy.


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