January 8, 2014

Ignorant and Stupid

***I found an article online and found the following paragraphs to be quite interesting.***

"When you call a person stupid, you are insulting them. When you call them ignorant, you are assuming that you are more intelligent than they are and have a better grasp of knowledge. Neither phrase is appropriate in civil conversation, yet many of us use the words on a regular basis, often directing them toward people who we find cumbersome or irritating and who do not share our point of view.

Calling someone or something stupid generally implies that we think we are somehow better than them. Everyone has an off day and can say or do something that is not very sensible, but that does not mean that they are incapable of being a valued part of humanity. Things are rarely stupid. If they do not work properly or are left sitting out somewhere where we can trip over them, it is most likely human error and most likely our error and we should blame ourselves, not the thing, though it is also not okay to call yourself stupid.

As for dealing with “stupid” people or things; if possible, walk away.

There is something stimulating about arguing with someone over something you are passionate about, but if the conversation turns angry and accusing, then you need to step away from “winning the argument” and realize that it is better to be momentarily stupid and learn from your mistakes than to be ignorant and pretend you don’t make them."

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