January 25, 2014

Camera Critters: New Collar and Snow Day

Camera Critters
I purchased a new collar for Shelby last week.  I wanted to get a few photos
of her in the new collar so I took her outside to play in the snow.  The first
photo below is the best shot I could get of her and the collar.  The other photos
are just random shots of her playing in the snow.

 photo Shelby_NewCollar_01-20-2014_zpsdd4ae008.jpg
 photo Shelby_Snow_01-20-2014_zpsc599fb39.jpg
 photo Shelby01-20-2014_zps850461ae.jpg


  1. Great collar and fun photos of beautiful dog ^_^

    carol, xxx

  2. I LOVE it! But then again, I'm a collar nut! :)

  3. hello shelby its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo luk verry nice in yore noo threds!!! thank yoo and yore mama for yore kind thawts abowt my brother tucker on his passing it ment a lot to us that so menny of his frends shayrd there memoreez abowt him!!! ok bye


Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you!