October 27, 2013

Sunday Stealing: They Say It Is Your Birthday

This week's questions come from the old Saturday 8 blog which is defunct and removed.

1. As you get older, are you jazzed about your birthday?  

No. I have not been jazzed about my birthday since I turned 35...I am now 43.

2. Do people usually remember your birthday? 

Some people do but there are a few close family members that forget (my son, my brother).

3. An ex-coworker of the author of this meme used to begin 3 months before her birthday flat-out reminding people that it was coming up. It's amazing what no self-esteem does for you. Anyway, do you know anyone who pre-announces their birthdays? 

I know a few people that like to remind others of his or her birthday.  Not that it does any good!  LOL If I don't write it down I will still forget.

4. What was your best birthday? Why? 

When I was a teenager my parents gave me a 110 Camera as a gift.  It was totally awesome!

5. What was your worst birthday? Why? 

The worse birthday was in October 1991, when I turned 21.  It was my first birthday without my mother  (she passed away in April 1991).  

6. Name your best birthday gift. 

The camera I mentioned in #4 above.

7. Name the best birthday gift you've gotten for someone else. 

I cannot think of anything that would be considered the best gift. I usually give the birthday person something they want or have been asking for or cash.

8. As i age, i value SLEEP as a priceless commodity. The author of this meme didn't get any for her birthday. However, what do you want this year for your birthday?

My birthday already happened this year (October 13th). I wanted to spend time with my family.  I didn't get to see all of them and some I didn't even get to talk to.  But all in all it was a good day.


  1. Happy Birthday a little late! I'm glad it was a good day.

  2. I think I may have had that same camera!

  3. I remember that camera! I loved mine. Remember the tall tower of flashes we'd have to attach?

  4. I hate birthdays without my mother. I can relate to you.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I haven't thought of 110 cameras in years. I had one, too, and it was amazing!


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