October 6, 2013

Sunday Stealing: Movies/Television Meme

This week's questions come from The Real Mrs. Kelley at Whipped Cream & Lollipops.

Name your favorite movie actor:  Johnny Depp

Name your favorite movie actress: Drew Barrymore
Name your favorite TV actor: Robert Carlyle and the guys on the Big Bang Theory.
Name your favorite TV actress: Kaley Cuoco
Name your favorite television show right now: Big Bang Theory, Under The Dome, Diner Drive-ins and Dives and Chopped.
Name a few really cool movies you've recently seen: Olympus has Fallen and World War Z.
Your favorite canceled television show: Firefly, Stargate Universe, and Breaking Bad.
Name one movie you wish you hadn't wasted time/money on recently: None that I can think of.
You would never watch a movie with: My ex-husband.
Favorite candy/food to watch movies with: Buttered popcorn and chocolate covered raisins.
Three favorite TV channels: Food Network, Cartoon Network and TBS.
Favorite reality or competition show: Survivor
Cable or satellite? Cable
Do you watch more movies at home or at the theater? At home...much cheaper.
Is there a time of year that you watch more TV? No, not really.


  1. Survivor? Really? I still watch it, but each week I ask myself why!

    1. Survivor is the lesser of the reality show evils. :)

  2. Another Big Bang Theory fan here . . .

  3. How could I forget Johnny Depp? I think he's the best looking guy I've ever seen. It's unreal how much it cost to see a movie these days. Especially when all 4 of us go. Have a great week!


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