August 11, 2013

Sunday Stealing: Meme 325

This week's questions come from a blog called In Case You Were Wondering....

Something that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams: Money

Something you think you could win an award for: Being Kind

Something you fear more than anything:  Death

Something you wish people would understand: Depression

Something that keeps you going everyday: My children, dog and family.

Something amazing that happened last summer: I got to see my son.

Something you hate that people say: "It is what it is."

Something you refuse to pay money for: Sex

Something you wish you could have told that person that you never saw again: "I love you"

Something that really stands out about last year: I lost my dog, Annabelle! :( I really miss her.

Something you like that everyone else thinks is weird: Sleeping most of the day on my days off.

Something you do when you’re trying to calm down: Think about happy things.

Something you do when you wake up at three AM: Go to the bathroom.

Something amazing that’s happened this year: I got to see my brother and both of my children.

Something you love doing on cold rainy days: Sleep

Something you listen to when you’re in a really good mood: 1980's music

Something that irritates you more than anything: Stupidity

Something you’re addicted to/can’t stop doing: Playing video games.

Something that really stands out about you: My kindness

Something about you that’s like everyone else: I have a soul

Something that makes you change the channel: Commercials about animal abuse or child abuse.

Something you think about every night before you go to sleep: My children and family.

Something that you don’t think will ever change about you: The way I treat people.

Something about you that you think will soon change: My weight

Something that broke your heart as a child: My grandmother's death.

Something that really sparks your interest: Reading

Something that truly disgusts you:  Animal Abuse and Child Abuse

Something the opposite gender has complimented you on: My boobs


  1. I'm so with you on the stupidity thing.

  2. "It is what it is" actually made me groan aloud.

  3. So many people don't understand depression. I don't think you really can unless you've experienced it. I hate when people say, "Cheer up" when you're depressed. If only it was that easy. Have a great week!

  4. Your kindness really shows in your answers. Thinking about happy things when you are trying to calm down is very good. It's amazing how it works. Hugs.


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