July 14, 2013

The Wackadoo Meme - Part 1 and Part 2

This week's questions come from Shopafreakingholic and it was stolen there as well, but the search doesn't go back any farther.

1.] What age is your youngest aunt? 60ish

2.] Do you miss someone right now? Yes, my parents, children, Annabelle and more.

3.] What can you see North West to you? The big town of Bangor.

4.] Do you like bowling? Yes

5.] Can you pronounce Italian words? Most of them.

6.] Do you prefer black or beige colored jackets? Black jackets

7.] Do you own a hoodie? Yes

8.] Do you like roasting marshmallows on a bonfire? Yes

9.] Do you like cheesy puffs? Yes

10.] What's your name without vowels? Shnnn

11.] How many layers of clothing are you wearing? One

12.] When was the last time you got a take away? What did you have? A few weeks ago...Taco Bell.

13.] If you could climb any mountain or range which would you choose? The Great Smokey Mountains

14.] Do you alphabetically arrange anything in your room? No

15.] Have you ever visited fat-pie [dot] [com]? Yes

16.] Do you prefer sweet or sour fruits?  Sweet fruits

17.] Do you like Flo Rida? Which song of his? Yes.  "Right Round" and "Low"

18.] How are your dancing skills? Not all that great

19.] What is your favorite number? Five

20.] Describe your best friend to me? The bestest ever!

21.] What is your favorite alcoholic drink? Malibu Sunrise

22.] Do you do any sports or have you done any sport professionally?  No and No

23.] What is your ringtone? "Your Betrayal" by Bullet for my Valentine

24.] Do you like chilli flavoured chips/crisps? Not really

25.] Do you curl or straighten your hair? No

26.] What's the nicest smell of shampoo? Panteen

27.] What smell turns you on? How about turns you off? Leather turns me on and a skunk smells turns me off.

28.] Who's your favorite comedian? George Carlin

29.] RnB or Reggae? RnB

30.] What brand of batteries do you usually get? Rayovac

31.] Are any of your friends pregnant or have kids? Yes, most of them.

32.] What is in your medicine cabinet? Medicine, Vitamins, etc

33.] What's your favorite aspect of the natural world? The beauty of landscapes around the world.

34.] What's your favorite man made thing? My Jeep.

35.] Can you whistle properly? Yes

36.] What song do you think is the most widely heard in the world? Happy Birthday

37.] Where's the strangest place a fast food restaurant was located? None that I can think of.

38.] What states surround your state? Or are you not land locked? Minnesota, Iowa,  Illinois

39.] Do you own binoculars or monoculars? What do you use them for? No

40.] Do you ever wish you had a telescope on the roof or attic to stargaze? Yes

41.] What's your favorite chocolate bar? Hershey's

42.] Do you fall asleep easy in cars? How about planes, trains and boats? Yes to cars but no to the rest.

43.] Would you rather live a year of your life in every major country or stay in the same place you live forever without vacations? Live a year of my life in every major country.

44.] What will you not tolerate in a person? Lying, Stealing, Threatening, or abusiveness.

45.] Do you forgive others easier or yourself? Why is this? Others.  It is easier.

46.] How was God made, if he exists? Hardest question EVER to answer.

47.] Have you ever done aqua aerobics or polo? Yes

48.] What age were you when you learned how to swim? Two

49.] What shows or characters scared you as a child? None that I can think of.

50.] Do you stay up all night on New Years Eve/Day or go to bed after 12am? Go to bed after 12 AM

51.] What's something unusual currently in your fridge? Chocolate cake flavored liquor.

52.] How about your freezer? Nothing unusual in the freezer.

53.] What could you be doing now that is more productive? Cleaning the house.

54.] Give me some lyrics from the song that's stuck in your head?

55.] What's your favorite type of firework? The quiet ones.

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