June 29, 2013

Camera Critters: Shelby's Outside Adventures

Camera Critters

Shelby's Adventure in the back yard on a Friday afternoon.

 photo shelby_bunnywatching_June-28-2013_zpse39786bb.jpg
There is a bunny over there!
 photo shelby_blowingears_June-28-2013_zps0ed15062.jpg
Ahhhh! The wind in blowing my ears!
 photo shelby_ignoringme_June-28-2013_zpsba3f6ed7.jpg
Mom is trying to take my photo while I am looking for bunnies!
 photo shelby_waiting_June28-2013_zps38f906c4.jpg
Mom is STILL trying to take my photo!  All I want to do is go inside.


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