May 26, 2013

Sunday Stealing: The Sunday Brunch Meme

Today's Sunday Stealing come from Helena at Skyblue and her now-defunct Sunday Brunch meme. It's been a few years since the Brunch folded but the archives are still open.

If you decide to join, leave a comment and link up to Sunday Stealing!

1}Which do you prefer in the am: Coffee or tea?  Given those two choices, I choose tea.  I prefer Diet Pepsi.

2} Work has been cancelled on the spur of the moment: Clean house and do errands, Or just fun things?  Take a nice long nap.

3} Middle of the hot summer, vacation at: Mountains or Beach? Beach

4}You have to travel at a leisure speed: Train, plane or car? Car

5} To relax: A movie or a book? Read a book

6} What kind of pets? Dog, cat, bird or fish.  I love dogs!!!

7} Dream home: Hard wood floors or carpeting? Hard wood floors.

8} A fun activity: cards, bingo or blogging? Blogging

9} First date: Dinner, movie or a hike? Movie

10}The first Kiss: peck on the cheek, or a long romantic one? Peck on the cheek.

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