May 18, 2013

Camera Critters: Happy Shelby

Camera Critters

Shelby was all smiles on our trip to Texas to see
Grandma & Grandpa a few months ago.

 photo HappyShelby_04-05-2013_zps5ae3eeb5.jpg
 photo NappingShelby-04-05-2013_zps158a572d.jpg


  1. sweet pup! love the graying muzzle. :)

  2. I love visiting my granddogs,, I have a real granddaughter to add to the fun.

    My critter post is at:

    My first grandchild, Harper, born April 14 - a girl, most welcome in a family top heavy with males!

  3. I bet grandma and grandpa were just as happy to see Shelby!

  4. Most dogs just love to travel, and to visit "their" relatives!
    Our dog Lindy hasn't met most of my family, so we're taking her out to the west coast in July. She loves to travel in cars and stay in hotels!
    —Kay, Alberta, Canada


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