April 23, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Teddy Bears

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Today's Blogging A to Z Challenge, with my theme of "A Few of My Favorite Things", is all about the letter "T".
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I love teddy bears!  Big ones, small ones... ceramic, stuffed, Cherished Teddies, Boyds Bears, and more!  One can never have too many teddy bears!

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Growing up on of my most favorite toys was a musical teddy bear.  She went every where with me for many years.   At one point the music box stopped working so my mom "operated" on Teddy and took out her box.  I didn't mind!  I still loved her.
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I lost my teddy bear in 1994 (thanks to my stupid ex-husband).  I really miss my teddy.  Maybe someday, I will find another one just like her.  
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The photos on this page are a few of the teddy bears I own.  Teddy bears put a smile on my face even on bad days.

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