April 15, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Meme's

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Today's Blogging A to Z Challenge, with my theme of "A Few of My Favorite Things", is all about the letter "M".

If you have ever read or you read my blog, you will know how much I like meme's!  Meme's are so much fun and help me to think of things to write about.  One of the very first Meme's I participated in was Unconscious Mutterings. My first post on this blog for a meme was also Unconscious Mutterings; which I posted on January 6, 2008.  

Throughout the years I have participated in many meme's, all of which on listed on the left side of my blog under labels. Some of my favorites are: 

Do you participate in any meme's?  If so, leave me a link so I can check them out. And if you like, check out some of the one's above to see if you are interested in participating.

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