April 5, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Earphones

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Today's Blogging A to Z Challenge, with my theme of "A Few of My Favorite Things",  is all about the letter "E".

Everyone needs a good pair of earphones.  For me, earphones drown out all the craziness in the world.  I can listen to music as loud as I want without bothering other people (unless I start to sing, then people cringe).  The only negative thing about earphones is after a bit they start to hurt my ears.  So, I don't get to wear them as much as I like.

Do you like earphones? Or do you prefer headphones?


  1. I actually love earphones and they are great to have during travel and sometimes if I am having a hard time sleeping I will listen to my music without disturbing my husband,lol.

  2. I love earphones. Very handy while travelling and also to tune out outside noises :P

  3. I use earphones but after a while they hurt my ears too - probably a good thing to use them only for short periods of time. Dropping by from AtoZ

  4. I use the two words (earphones and headphones) interchangeably. Not sure I know the difference, but I like them.

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com
    AtoZ #42

  5. Headphones all the way!! I have a pair of the most humongous headphones and I do not care! heehee
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I prefer headphones, but use ear buds when I run or workout at the gym.

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  7. Earphones. I am so nosey that I don't want to miss anything!

  8. Earphones, I generally have one in one ear and the other hanging because my kid invariably want to talk to me.

    Thanks for your post and for being part of the great 2013 A-Z landscape.
    Margot at A Devotional Mosaic and Spark My Creativity

  9. I love earphones as well. I just hate the ear buds - they really hurt my ears, too. I like the huge ones with really plush squishy stuff on them. They look terrible but they're really comfortable:)

  10. Earphones definitely. :) Music does provide that almost "white noise" that can help you focus when you write.


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