January 30, 2013

Winter Wednesday on 30 January 2013

It has been snowing all day today and it is windy. 
I took the first four photos while standing in the house (looking out the front door).  
The last two photos were taken from my back porch.

My Jeep; 30 January 2013 photo SnowJeep_30JAN2013_zpse9120afe.jpg

Mom's car getting buried; 30 January 2013 photo SnowCar_30JAN2013_zps5ed3721d.jpg

Railroad Tracks headed out of Bangor; 30 January 2013 photo Railroad_30JAN2013_zps3381d815.jpg

Towards downtown Bangor, 30 January 2013 photo Bangor_30JAN2013_zps8a2ba188.jpg

Backyard 30 January 2012 photo Backyard_30JAN2013_zps8e3b8a67.jpg

My big pine tree; 30 January 2013 photo PineTree_30JAN2013_zps43566cbb.jpg

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