December 9, 2012

Snow In Wisconsin

It has been snowing all day. 
The snow is so beautiful as it falls and covers the earth.
But, it is cold outside so I did not take many photos.  Brrrr!

My front porch. I love this wreath.

My milk can - Dec 2012
My milk can on the front porch.

My snowman flag  - Dec 2012
My cute little snowman flag.

My donkey & cart  - Dec 2012
My donkey & cart, hanging out in the snow.

My baby pine tree.
My baby pine tree.

My bench  - Dec 2012
My bench...won't be sitting here today!

My Jeep - Dec 2012
My Jeep...time to go play in the snow!

Steve's Car - Dec 2012
Hubby's Car.

Side yard  - Dec 2012
The view from my side yard towards the front of the house.

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