December 26, 2012

Rotary Lights 2012 - La Crosse, WI

Last night (Christmas Day) we went to see the beautiful light display in La Crosse, Wisconsin; which  is titled the "Rotary Lights". There is so much more to see than what I have posted in photos below.  Next year I think I will walk through the park to get better photos rather than drive through.

A little history..."The La Crosse Rotary Lights began in 1995 as a cooperative effort between area Rotary Clubs and non-profit organizations as a way to celebrate the holidays and stock local food banks. It has grown to become the largest holiday display in the Midwest with over 2,000,000 lights decorating Riverside Park which overlooks the Mississippi River. While admission is free, the hundreds of thousands of people who visit each year have donated millions of food items and hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities."

**Some of the photos are blurry, as I am not a great photographer.  Sorry**

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