December 3, 2012

"And You Are...?" Blog Hop

This Blog Hop is being hosted by Emily and Tammy. AND it involves prizes! Come play along!

1. How many speeding tickets have you gotten? I have gotten a few speeding tickets in my 42 years of life.  But, thank goodness I have not had one in over 15 years.

2. Can you pitch a tent? Sure, but I prefer just sleep in a nice, warm camper or even stay at a good hotel.

3. What was your worst vacation ever? None that I can think of.  The only worst vacation would be the ones I did not take.

4. What was the last thing you bought over $100? A few weeks ago I purchased a Keurig and I love it!!!!

5. We're handing you the keys to what? A brand new Ford Mustang!

6. What was the last meal you cooked that made even you sick? The other day I made breakfast and the eggs made my husband and I both sick.  I threw the rest of the carton of eggs away.

7. Fill in the blank: Oh my gosh! Becky, look at her butt! It is so big. She looks like an alien from outer space!

8. What was your first car? A 1989 Ford Escort.  I wanted a Mustang but my dad said no and he was my co-signer so I had to go with what he was willing to sign for.  PLUS he said girls didn't need fast cars. Silly man!

9. Your best friend falls and gets hurt. Do you ask if he/she's okay or laugh first? I ask her if she is ok as I help her up. Being in pain and embarrassed is never fun.

10. What's the worst song ever? Even though I catch myself singing it every now and then, I think "The Song The Never Ends" is the worst song ever.  Yes, I did like Lamb Chop but this song just drives me nuts!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Good luck in the hop.

  2. Nice to meet you. I am a new subscriber. What's a Keurig? As for my early cars, my parents wouldn't let me get the old beater I had picked out, but instead my mom helped me pick out a ford Mustang with a V8. Silly mom.

    Check out mine if you have a chance.

    1. Nice to meet you also. You mom rocks :)

      Keurig is a one cup coffee maker.

  3. Girls DEFINITELY need fast cars! :) Great answers all around, Shannon. Thanks for participating!

  4. ooo a Keurig! Nice! Congrats on that for sure!! And very nice to meet you. :)

  5. Girls don't need fast cars? Well, that's just crazy talk! Did you ever end up getting a Mustang?

    Visiting from the hop.

  6. My brother's first car was an 89 Ford Escort EXP. I looooved that car! It was so cool and when I turned 16 it was supposed to be mine. However, my brother decided to wrap it around a telephone pole (he walked out unscathed) so I got the '82 Buick LeSabre instead. My 16 year old self is totally jealous of your escort. :)

    Happy Hopping!

    1. My brother drove mine down a 15 foot cliff and walked away with only a scratch!!

  7. that song totally suxs bad eggs (that you ate ;D)

  8. What?! Girls need speed even more than boys!!!!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  9. My first car was an old gray mini cooper. I saved three years for it and it was still a second hand, rusty old thing but it got me from A to B and I loved it.


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