October 15, 2012

Meet Me On Monday - 15 October 2012

Acting Balanced 

Heather at Acting Balanced gives us four questions each week to answer (and we have to add one question of our own for a total of five questions). The post includes a linky so we can BlogHop! Heather said this meme is based on the original Meet Me on Monday hosted by Java at Never Growing Old.

Here are today's Questions and my responses:

1. What is the most interesting fact you have learned recently?

MRSA in the community (people without recent close contact with the healthcare system) typically shows up as infections of the skin. Rates of these infections increased rapidly during the past decade and there is little evidence that the risk of developing community MRSA is following the same downward trend as healthcare-associated infections. Although the majority of these infections are treated without long-term issues, CDC is working to prevent MRSA in the community.  


2. The alarm goes off on Monday morning. What is your first thought?

Are you serious? It is time to get up already? I just got to sleep!
3. What is the most memorable movie line of all time?

"Frankly, my dear, I dont give a damn." as said by Rhett Bulter in Gone With The Wind.

                                                                             Source: bourbonandpearls.tumblr.com via Kristen on Pinterest

4. Describe a situation that always seems to try your patience.

When people pass me on the highway only to pull back into my lane just inches from my bumper.  OR when they are behind me with their lights on bright.

5. Is Winter your favorite time of year?

Winter is not my favotire time of year.  It is too darn cold and I feel like I am trapped indoors.

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