July 1, 2012

Sunday Stealing: The Imaginary Meme, Part Seven

121. Have you gone rock climbing? If not, would you?  Yes, but not for many years.  If I tried it now I am sure I would fall and get hurt.

122. Do you believe in forever love in a romantic relationship? No

123. As a kid did you ever sneak anyone into your house? Yes, once when I was 17.  My much older boyfriend came over while mom & dad were at work.

124. Do you personally know anyone homeless? No

125. Do you believe in aliens? Yes

126. Have you ever killed someone? No

127. What would it take for you to sell your soul to a devil? I did that years ago and paid the price.

128. Top or bottom? Bottom

129. Are you happy with your career? Yes

130. What's your favorite store to buy clothes? Why? Wal Mart LOL, clothes are cheap and easy to replace.

131. What is your eye color? Hazel

132. Watching or playing sports? Watching

133. Would you have plastic surgery? No

134. Name one website that you visit daily. Why do you read it? www.facebook.com, because I am addicted to all the games there and reading what my family & friends are up to.

135. Are you going on vacation this year? If so, where? Yes, hopefully!  I want to go to Missouri and to Las Vegas.

136. How do you align yourself politically? Independent

137. Do you have any pets? Yes, two dogs (Annabelle & Shelby)


138. Do you believe in soul mates? No

139. What’s one trait that you hate about yourself? My ability to be kind even when the other person is lying, stabbing me in the back or treating me bad.

140. How long have you played Sunday Stealing? Since at least August 2008 on this blog....the first post I could find is "Sunday Stealing: Thirty Three"


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