July 15, 2012

Have You Ever....


jumped off a house? Yes.
swam in freezing ice water? Yes.
been attacked? Yes.
been made fun of?  Yes.
cried for no reason? Yes.
been out of the country? No.
thought about death? Yes.
gotten seriously injured? Yes.
gotten bit by someone? Yes.
screamed bloody murder? Yes.
been to a concert? Yes.
eaten snow? Yes.
killed anyone? No.
hurt someone physically? Yes.
made someone cry? Yes.
played with matches? Yes.
been on a plane? Yes.
been to jail? Yes.
laughed so hard it hurt? Yes.
read a book? Yes.
tasted blood? Yes.
cried yourself to sleep? Yes.
physically hurt yourself on purpose?  No.
gotten revenge? No.
broken a promise? Yes.
been to church? Yes.
hidden a part of your personality from the world? Yes.
blown a bubble (from your gum) while underwater? Yes.
ran into a pole? Yes.
been extremely bored? Yes.
played chess with a stranger? No.
made a wild concoction and ate it? Yes.
had a sad dream and woke up crying? Yes.
lost a soul you loved? Yes.
fell out of a tree? Yes.
lied about your age? No.
been food poisoned? Yes.
gone over Niagara Falls in a barrel? No.

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